Wednesday, April 16, 2008

epals addresses Florentino Ameghino School

Araujo Juan Manuel:
Bravo Tomás Daniel:
Defiore Nicolás Omar:
Fernandez Gabriel:
Martinez Maximiliano Nicolás:
García Federico Nahuel:
Nervegna Juan Fco.:
Martino Karen Nahir:
Heredia Sebastián Miguel:
Peovich Nicolás Matías:
Montenegro Giselle Marianela:
Lorenzo Bosch Patricio:
Rossi Tomás:
Perez Ripossio Sofía Anahí:
Luna Fernandez Herland Pedro:
Ruiz Alan Nahuel:
Viola Sierra Juan Martín:
Martinez Maximiliano Ariel:
Rey Frías Camila Rocío:
Adamo Dona Stefanía:
Scheri Aldana Rocío:
Antivero Camila Indiana:
Servente Aldana Belén:
Bellisomi Florencia:
Soto Florencia Luján:
Di Antoni Johanna Melina:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A video competition

7 th graders from Florentino Ameghino School and Primera junta School will be posting the movies they made using and students from Marcelo T de Alvear school will say which are the best.
I hope you enjoy this new experience. Remember that movies in good English and relevant to your introduction will be posted

here they are. Watch them and enjoy!!
Nº 1:
Nº 2:
Nº 3:
Nº 4:
Nº 5:
Nº 6:
Nº 7:
Nº 8:
Nº 9:
Nº 9:
N 10:
Nº 11:
Nº 12_
Nº 13:
Nº 14:
Nº 15:
Nº 16:
Nº 17:
Nº 19:
Nº 20:
Nº 21:
Nº 22:
Nº 23:
nNº 24:

Sunday, April 6, 2008


This week you will start posting on your blog( 7A and B) and I want you to write introductions of yourselves. So as to make it funnier apart from the text, you'll have to make a movie. It can be a dialogue between you and a friend where you give some info about you or a simple introduction of yourself.To do that you can use a very simple moviemaker:
Here 's a simple movie I've made for you.

Have a nice time!!